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Walking our path.. 'know how' or 'no how'?

We've talked quite a lot recently about 'being awake', 'following our bliss', 'finding flow' and 'being true to our Self'  (all very much the same thing)  and how it's not about walking around in a happy-clappy, pastel stupor.. but a hugely practical thing.  It's actually about getting real.. being profoundly open to whatever life brings us in each moment and allowing it to serve our best interests.

But strange isn't it that, if this way is supposedly so hot and so easy, we have such difficulty in putting it into practice.

One of our biggest stumbling blocks is the intellect.. our need to understand and make sense of all this.  Our thinking mind, in it's need to have a piece of the action, always tries to have the last word.  If someone were to tell us 'just stop' or 'be still', it's stock answer would be  'but how?'

There is no 'how' to this.  'How' is how then mind holds on.. how it integrates new information into the world it knows, so it doesn't have to let go of the world it knows.  There are no words or mantras or techniques that can teach the analytical mind 'how' to let go of what it thinks is true.. to leave space for a greater knowing to shine through.  The way is too simple and too direct for the intellect to accept.

But instead of struggling to understand or apply this stuff, there is a question that can substitute for all the rest, put an end to all our nonsense and set us firmly in this new direction.  It is this:  How does the truth of who we are wish to express itself now? 

You see, if (as many have said) our true nature is Love, then how else could it be known unless it is expressed?  Maybe that old saw is true.. that only Truth can set us free..  not practice or effort or know-how. 

So here is a real choice.  Instead of seeking answers we can choose to live in service to an open question.  And such is the power inherent in this choice, that if we do, our life unfolds before us moment by moment as a unique and vital expression of that answer.  And all of life seems to bend towards in support and gratitude for this.

Paradoxically, having made this choice we see that the path we were looking for is the one that has always been there, starting with the step in front of us.  And when we glance back over our shoulder we also see that the path that brought us here was always the path we were meant to be on.  Perhaps it was only our need to  'find our path'  that made us think there was something else going on in our lives. ;-)

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future"... George Bernard Shaw

>> Thank you to Liz ( Change the World: Choosing Our Own Path ) and Joanna ( Looking for the right path ) for inspiration here.  Two lovely posts.
>> The illustration is called 'Listen to your heart' (.. I can't recall where it came from)

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