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'How to be Rich' - Poetic advice for wanna-be Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurial wisdom distilled from the poem "How to be Rich" from Felix Dennis's book  'A Glass Half Full'

Good fortune?
The fact is
The more that you practice
The harder you sweat,
The luckier you get.

We've had 'em
Since Eve met Adam,
But take it from me
Execution's the key

On choosing?
Fantasies are treason
To the heart's reason.
So do what you must
And don't pander to lust.

The money?
Just pester
a likely investor.
To get what you need
You toady to greed.

The talent?
Go sign it!
But first, wine and dine it.
It's tedious work
With a talented young Turk.

Good timing?
To win it
You gotta be in it.
Just never be late
To quit or cut bait.

It's vanity!
Profit is sanity.
Overhead begs
To walk on two legs.

The first step?
Just do it
And bluff your way thru' it.
Remember to duck!
God speed...
and good luck!

Please note that this is a (poor I know) bastardisation of Felix's poem.  The third verse here is mine and in the original the verse that starts with 'The talent?'  ended with the line, "With a talented jerk".   I hope the author finds it in his heart to forgive me.


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    These are just my lesson notes as I try to  be true to that recognition... and  learn to fly.  So it's quite possible that everything here may be wrong.

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