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What if....we realize how powerful we are and crown ourselves?

Heartcropped_1 Laura at Cafe Entrepreneur, a weblog I always enjoy reading, has just announced that she's got engaged and in the same post muses about how we so often look to others and the world at large for confirmation of our own self worth and measure of success.
She then poses a great question. "What if....we realize how powerful we are and crown ourselves!? Stop waiting & step into being successful already. What would that look like?"

Well, it seems to me that what we see in 'our world' merely reflects and 'confirms' whatever worth and success we deem ourselves worthy of - a sort of self fulfilling prophesy. But here's the thing - I love reading Laura's posts, there's a light that shines from a place beyond her words that is pure joy, - I'm sure that this is the place to look for any confirmation of worth or success that's needed.

I know it's very frightening for our everyday, rational, 'thinking' mind to turn within and see ourselves as we really are, stripped naked of our beliefs and self-concepts. I'm sure that what scares us is not that we would be somehow be find lacking, weak or somehow guilty but that we would recognise ourselves as beautiful, powerful and innocent beyond belief. After all, what would happen to our ego if all its concepts about ourselves were wrong? What would happen to its guidance if you found a more powerful, ne miraculous, way of being? What would happen if all our egos measures of success were in fact meaningless - that you already were perfect and all powerful, hidden maybe under clouds of misperception, but nevertheless complete and whole in every way?

Truth is, most of us would rather be right than happy and so we never really take the quiet time to seriously look within and risk losing all of our carefully nurtured self-concepts.

There's a rarely recognised secret in looking beyond our personalities to who it is that's actually seeking this verification of self worth and success - it's the most effective therapy there is. There's not a limited self concept, secret guilt or belief in powerlessness that can resist the light of truth in the simple recognition of who we really are. There's no need for positive thinking, affirmations, 'working' on ourselves, self help or spiritual practice needed because all misconceptions simply disappear of their own accord when what is true is plain to see

Unhappy with your 'success' in the world?  Feel that you have unrealised potential?  Feel anything less than total confidence in your ability to achieve anything you wish?  Then we can look beyond these thoughts to who it is that thinks these things and let those thoughts be healed in the simple recognition of who we are. What we then will see in the world will simply confirm our new awareness. Change our minds and accept ourselves as we really are, all powerful and all loving, and our whole world must change to confirm this - it cannot do any other.

Congratulations on your engagement Laura.  I hope you both hold the truth of who you REALLY ARE for one another, no matter how wonderful and scary that may be!

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