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Do real men meditate?

For some strange reason I've never really got into meditation.  No-one has to convince me of the benefits it's just that it's never been my 'thing'.  I guess we all have our own way of touching base. Give me a freshly waxed pair of skies and a mountain full of freshly fallen snow and I'll be as focused as a lion about to claim lunch, or catch me on my Harley with open roads and sunshine ahead and I'm as relaxed as a baby at her mother's breast. But try to get me to sit still and do nothing for half an hour!  Nahhh, got far better things to do.  Anyway, isn't that stuff for girls?

Well more fool me.

If, as I believe, the name of game is to be able to give more of ourselves to all that we do and to all those we meet, don't we first need to know and have access to more of who we Really Are? I think that what follows can help us enormously. It's a form of meditation I was given by a friend that can have amazing results. When I have done this I've come away feeling nourished, renewed and more Self aware. Much more than that though, it helps us to connect with people at a deeper level and communicate more naturally.

The process is simple.  If you do not find it easy at first, don't worry. You can't help but benefit, even the first time you try it. We find it difficult enough to break old thought patterns and replace them with new ones.  What we are attempting to do here is to break old thought patterns and allow no new patterns to replace them. The more frequently you attempt this, the more completely you will find you are able to become immersed in it.

I use words here that attempt to point to Universal Truths (capitalised) that some may think of as 'hokie', religious (I'm not. Prefer to deal direct ;-)) or just plain irritating.  That's definitely not what's intended so just substitute with words you feel more comfortable with.

If, like me, you're one of those people who says they haven't got time for this sort of thing then, ironically, you'll probably benefit the most. There are no rules - just find yourself a comfortable, quiet place and let's begin -

Envision an hour glass, sand in the upper half, floating in a clear, cool pond which is nestled in a beautiful meadow lush with wild flowers. The rim of the glass and sand is just level with the surface of the pond. The hourglass is a metaphor of your mind, completely filled as the sand symbolically illustrates. It is so full that the water of the pond, representing the Universal Consciousness, the stream of your fully conscious Self, can only ripple across the top.

As you watch the sand slowly drain away, allow your mind to open up space as you see the sand slowly going down and more space being created until the sand is all gone.  As the sand has been draining away, the water from the pool of Consciousness just naturally fills the space.  Its flow has a very gentle, peaceful, loving feeling. It is this feeling that reassures you that simply because the sand thoughts have drained out doesn't mean there is nothing left except a void.  But more appropriately, this space is filled with this flow of feeling that is totally cohesive and not fragmented and into which you can just allow yourself to become totally immersed in it, you know that what is happening is that you are allowing your Divine Mind to embrace you.

Allow the feeling that being in this fluid is like being in the womb of your Divine Mind. This feeling, if you hold it and allow it to give you a sense of nurturing, will encourage you to see yourself as being born into the Divinity of your natural Self.  While you are engaged in this process, you won't be receiving answers to any specific questions but the very act of experiencing yourself being in this womb of Divinity will open up the feelings that will allow you to recognise those problems that you are working on for what they really are, and they will no longer seem fearful to you.

Hold no expectations. Allow the process itself to unfold for you and allow yourself to be open to the experience of that unfoldment.  Enter this process in total trust, absolutely total trust, that what your Divine Mind represents for you will be known to you in ways that require no questioning. It will become a process of Knowing.

Please let me know how you get on.  If you want me to, I could make this into a podcast, once I've learn how and have a little spare time.  Maybe you'd like to spread the love and pass this on; this is the most powerful de-stresser I know of, - perhaps you can think of someone who would benefit ;-)

A confession
It's not common knowledge but I go to a yoga class twice a week. Me and about 15 women. They have a 20 minute 'relaxation' period at the end so I guess I was not completely truthful - I actually do do a regular form of meditation. Although I'd rather this information not be publicised if you don't mind - the village I come from is full of hairy a*sed miners who don't take kindly to men doing that sort of thing.  ;-)

Thank you Tom Carpenter for all your gifts.

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