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Beware false prophets

Most people stumble across the truth at some time in their lives. Most jump up, brush themselves off and hurry about their business as if nothing had happened." -- Sir Winston Churchill

…and most of us that do not hurry-away look for someone to help us stabalise that experience. It’s as though we can’t quite accept that the source of the insight and inspiration we experienced came from within us… which of course, would mean that what we have been looking for is US, perfect already. And we couldn’t possibly have that now, could we?

So in that disbelief we go looking for a ‘teacher’ -- other than the one we just discovered – to help us recapture the experience that for one minute seemed so real but now increasingly remote.

We buy his books and CD’s and watch his videos… all the while refusing to look at the truth of who it is that is doing the seeking – the reality hidden behind our self-belief. And when this teacher doesn’t deliver, we go find another. In this way we continue to hide from our Self by acting-out being lost.

Ultimately, it’s insight that unravels complexity and brings doubt to clarity. And -- although life speaks to us in many different ways -- the insight that reveals what is, arises from within. Accepting that the means and the end are One, we can dispense with false prophets. We don’t have to go looking for Love when that is the place we are coming from.

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