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Namaste :)

Namaste My eldest daughter, Jodie, called from San Francisco yesterday... on the last leg of her 15 month round the world adventure.  Although warned not to go alone after dark, they did anyway and ending up having a great time eating late at a place where no-one spoke English, in the Mission district / Mexican quarter.

As she told me the tale, she reminded me of what I love about travelling to different places.  When you don't know the language or culture you have to get out of your head and pay attention -- become present and aware, and communicate on a much more fundamental level.  And when we do that we come deliciously alive, as do those around us.

Of course, we don't have  to travel to foreign parts to do this.  It's just that we're normally too engrossed in our agenda to notice what's real.

We think of dreaming as something that happens during the night, but there's a kind that happens in the daytime too.  Each morning just before we open our eyes, there's a moment of pure Beingness -- an instant that's free of our beliefs, of the ideas and problems that drive us, and free of our past too.  All this gets recalled in the next few moments and then, on top of that, we layer all the 'shoulds' and 'coulds' and wishes for the day.  It happens so quickly and so automatically we're rarely aware of it happening so, in effect, this dream world within our head is the only 'reality' we know.  Each day being  just more of the same.

The thing is, in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own.  And narrative is the map we need to bridge these separate worlds.  But the map is not the territory… and in a place where the words are meaningless our 'map' has effectively gone.  We are forced to raise our eyes, and in doing so we see what's real.  To do this is always a joy.  So often in the past I’ve been too clever, too taken up with my own busyness or self-importance to see this.  Silly me. 

Ash There seems to be a perpetual anxiety that comes with living in our 'own world'.  It's one we've learnt to hide well but you still see it in people's eyes.  Except perhaps in tiny children.  Before the accumulation of words and concepts in their mind, children look with a thoughtless, open Awareness.  You see it in their smile -- what shines through is a pure joy of Being.

But this innocence is never lost.  There's a way of meeting someone that changes everything.

A smile from the heart knows no language, yet it communicates perfectly... and in doing so demonstrates quite clearly that the gap we think exists between us does not exist.  It can unveil what we've kept hidden and leave both of us shining brighter.

There a word for this that exists in the ancient Sanskrit language but not (as far as I am aware) in any other:  Namaste.  It means 'the light in me acknowledges the light in you', or something like that.

I honour the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells -- the place in you which is only love, truth, light & peace.  When you are in that place in you & I am in that place in me.  We are One.”  [citation?]

I don’t think that the precise definition is important, but I do know that when we silently meet anyone with the intention  behind that word, something really magical and profound can happen.  Just try it and see.  Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if we remember to turn on the light. 

Namaste  :) 

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Credits:  Thanks to Nik Askew (soulbiographies) for the video

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