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When failure works


The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy.
What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly"
... Richard Bach

I thought it was about time to move on from the  'follow your bliss'  theme of recent posts to pastures new. 

So much for thought! 

In adding a comment to the last post one sentence ran into the next, one paragraph became three, and then a  'comment'  became a  'post'.  I guess there must be something significant I need to learn here.  Anyway, here we are - one last post on this subject..  I think. ;-)

From  Joanna's comment.. "I can feel the burden of expectations fall off my shoulders as I write this."   That is the thought that got me started. 

We give so much energy and value to our expectations that we rarely let them go without a fight.  And yet when we do, there's such a lightness of being and ease that we wonder how we ever managed to carry that burden around with us for so long.

In a way our list of expectations is an agenda that we impose upon the world and it acts as a filter for our attention.  We see things not as they really are, but as either good, bad or indifferent, judged in relation to what we want.. and our attention goes to whatever we've deemed significant.  It's this filtering process that allows us to create personal meaning, from a world that on the face of it seems random and meaningless.  But because this filtered vision is the only way we now know of looking at life, we assume that what we are looking at is reality.

The crazy thing is, the possibility of remembering truth (seeing Life and our Self as it is.. unfiltered) has now become a scary idea.  It offends our intelligence and our sensibilities to hear that  'greater things than these things shall ye do'  or  'you don't have to try or do anything.. just follow the path of your joy''.

But behind this veil of personal wishes, life has a different agenda.. one that recognises our joy, power and well-being lies in nothing 'separate' or 'personal' but in the awareness of our Wholeness - our identity as not separate from the Life force and 'other' living things we seem to see outside ourselves.  And because it is true, there will always be occasions when this seeps through into our conscious awareness and we experience a taste of real joy.

Perhaps it's in an odd, unexpected moment when our guard inadvertently slips;  or maybe in the wake of some life-changing event when all our expectations are brought to dust;  or in the midst of a catastrophe when we come together and feel our connection.  Just because these glimpses are rare doesn't mean there's anything hidden, only that we would still rather have the world we think we want.

The moment in life when we realise that our best efforts and strategies to get what we want have all fallen short is heart breaking.  Yet ironically, failing completely is a doorway to the  resources, love and security we thought we had to go looking for.  Failure works.  In the depths of despair we lose the will to try any longer.. and this creates a space in mind for what has been here all along to shine like diamonds amidst the ruble of a heart broken wide open.  We do not know the way Home, but there is a truth within us that does.  And asking our Self a  truly open question  is the invitation, and all that's needed, for Love to live and move through us.

But pain is never a given.  What gets disillusioned, what fails and what suffers is only the little 'me' that we think we are.  The  'dark night of the soul'  is our own drama, and the choice to  'follow bliss'  always an option. 

No preparation is needed to follow what our heart is leading us to know..  and the circumstances where we find ourselves in right now are the perfect set-up for this.  It really couldn't be any other way.  Life is Love in motion, as are we.. and by hook or by crook it works it's way back into our conscious awareness.

mind resting in its Source

heart wide open to everything as it is

Love lives and moves through us... [1]

Painting by  Michael Leunig
[1].. my attempt at  Haiku.  I don't think  Basho  would have had anything to worry about   ;-)

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