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Nature's Law

Lisa Gates (Design Your Writing Life) brought up an interesting question regarding the last post  The Joy of Wallowing in a Perfect Mess:

Can you be in the bliss of flow and acceptance if you have a to-do list a mile long?  Can you be present and creative if your favourite pen is buried under 16 books piled on top of three unbalanced bank statements?"

Great question.. and isn't this the conundrum that we all face?...  How do we live in a world that is fickle at best (but tends towards chaos) without all the control strategies that take up most of our time, energy and waking attention?

Well, image for a moment that you are the young George Lucas trying desperately to complete a script for your finals, and everywhere you turn you find distractions and annoyances....

In this little video did you get a sense of the connection between 'following our heart'  and the day to day things that are happening around?  And that it was only George Lucas's judgements  - his need to organise, control and defend - that prevents him from seeing the benefit of everything?   

Danielle's (Modern Musings) story illustrates this wonderfully.  In the comments to that  last post  Danielle describes something that so many of us relate to:

I have taken several courses designed to teach a student how to manage their lives, studies, emotions, careers and schedules. I do all the worksheets, assignments and essays and do not hold on to one routine.  I've really tried to understand why I don't use this knowledge, almost consciously avoiding adherence to the tried and true methods of optimizing my potential.

I just can't do it.  I need room to change gears, I need to be open to the here and now and not predetermined deadlines and priorities.

And then what works -

The best thing..... is following Joseph Campbell's mantra of "Following My Bliss".  There is a new flow within my day to day.  I've never felt so continually focused.  I am still in the process of understanding how it relates to my life management habits but it is working.

Thanks Danielle.  Now we are getting somewhere.  It's as if the decision to  'follow our bliss'  is the key that turns everything around.  And then, to quote from the video..  "Inspiration will you not find. It will find you."  Wise words, but only half the story me thinks.  Maybe this -  'when we choose to follow our bliss we find inspiration everywhere'. 

It seems that once we've chosen to live like this way, the rest - the 'to do' items, the 'mess', everything in our world - becomes part of the solution.  As each thing enters our present moment awareness we see it exactly as it is - as part of the whole and in context with everything else as, and know exactly what to do with it.. without any thought or effort.  I know this can sound, on the face of it, an advocation for irresponsibility but making this decision is really the one supreme act of responsibility.. and the crossroads that every hero's journey eventually arrives at.[1] 

There's a wealth of resources on the net about getting organised, being more productive and how to carve out periods of quite time to get in the zone but these can only give us brief flashes of our true potential at best.  For that zen-like flow where answers arise before the questions and everything becomes a joy.. and where this state becomes the norm.. then we need something completely different.  No more doing, but a radically different way of being.

There's a fundamental law of nature[2] at work here that we can recognise and align ourselves with, if we choose:  Life encourages us to follow our bliss..  it supports us in letting go of the world we've created within our heads and getting real - in being true to our Self.  And when we choose this path - to allow Inspiration to guide us instead of those echoing thoughts - then life has a way of aligning everything in aid of that decision.

It's as if we open up a path of least resistance through our days.  Fortuitous coincidences and little miracles become ordinary, everyday things.  There's nothing and no-one missing that we need in each moment, nothing to be resisted, nothing that isn't ultimately a blessing.  For sure, it can feel as though demolition contractors have moved in to rip apart the boundary walls that have defined 'my life', but that's sometimes necessary if we want to  learn to fly.  The sky has no boundaries and we come to learn that neither do we.  And we learn by contrasts - what works and what doesn't.  Swimming against the tide of life is familiar but difficult and stressful;  letting go into the flow is scary at first but fun and easy.  Really simple lessons.

Slow learner that I am, I'm coming to see that my only goal must be to be here in this moment and trust that if there are plans to be made then I will know them.  Why goals anyway?  Why wait for anything when it is all here right now if we choose - when all the fun is in the process!  Why wait?  It takes no time at all to step back and inviting that which we already Are to sit in the driving seat instead of playing host to the sad belief system that feels the need to improve or better ourselves, or pay our dues.  'Waiting'  is an anathema to the truly creative mind.

But not having goals doesn't mean we become a purposeless blob or a happy-clappy pacifist.  Having spent my early career as a black belt from the Genghis Khan school of leadership I've found it particularly difficult to set goals aside, but what arises naturally to take there place is a clarity of purpose and conviction that is a complete breath of fresh air.  It's not something that we have to think about or go digging for - it's shows up on it's own in our new found ease of mind.  And because it all comes from just a decision, it takes no time at all.  A little open invitation is all that's needed to discover that allowing our true nature to express itself is it's own reward - that we already Are what we really seek.

If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living.  When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you.  I say, follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be." - Joseph Campbell ....(via Andrea at CueThis)

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[1].. In fact the one of most common excuses for not accepting this responsibility is to say... but I have responsibilities.  As the great Bard said,  "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."

[2].. This has absolutely nothing to do with the so called 'Secret' or 'Law of Attraction' (let's be truthful here.. aren't these just more tools of control but now in 'spiritual' wrapping paper?).  In fact it's the opposite.  It's not about thoughts creating things.. it's about a clarity, a confidence and a certainty that arises from within when we are willing to set aside the filters that the mind (thinking, believing, judging, grasping and resisting) impose.  It is about allowing the mind to return to it's naturally expansive, creative and loving state as it relaxes.. having let go of it's tight grip on the all consuming belief that life is basically malevolent - and therefore there are things we had better 'attract' or resist.

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