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What they don't teach you in business school.

Tree_2 A business succeeds not because it is big or because it has better products or because it is well connected or established.... but because there are people in it.

It's people who create business models, who innovate, decide strategy, who market and work their balls off to make it succeed.  It's people who live it, sleep it and imagine great possibilities for it. 

Once we see this then much of what we are taught and assume about business and organisation just doesn't fit anymore. 

We start to see that people only really support their own creations
... that we all want to be a part of something good
... that the concept of 'us' and 'them' is just abhorrent to us
... that collaboration and self-organisation are natural instinctual abilities of any healthy living system
... that we want cohorts not bosses.

When we grasp that  the whole thing  starts and ends with people doesn't all the rest (business models, strategy, innovation, marketing, execution...) just happen automatically?

Does it have to be any more complicated than this?

Am I missing something here?

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