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Learn to be still

This little video (thanks Nancy) got me thinking....

Life can all get very serious and not much fun when we try to control things or carve out a safe place for ourselves in a world whose modus operandi seems to be 'change faster'.  So what advise to give a young person about being happy and thriving in a world where the rate of change and the flow of information is accelerating exponentially? 

I remember listening to some of the war stories our staff at 'Free Spirit' (my old outdoor pursuits business) used to tell each other on a Monday morning after their latest 'near-death' escapes whilst extreme kayaking in flood waters over the weekend.  If you've ever been overboard white-water rafting you'll probably know that the trick to getting out safe is not to swim against the tide but to relax into the flow, conserve energy and pay attention.  One time, the only way Angus could get a friend out of the water was to knock him unconscious to stop him struggling. 

We get scared and into difficulties when we're underwater and can't see the big picture - when we can't see where we are and where we are going.  I think we could probably get far worse advice than the words to the song in this Eagles video...


Ah yes!..... 'learn to be still'.

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