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Inspired by You

Lamp So, friend, when first I look’d upon your face,

Our thought gave answer each to each, so true

Opposed mirrors each reflecting each

That tho’ I knew not in what time or place,

Me thought that I had often met with you,

And either had lived in either’s heart and speech."

..... Alfred Tennyson

A question that often comes up is how to make inspiration more solid and stable, and not confined to brief flashes.  And the answer, in one way or another, is always to turn the question around and see how we still resist it.  We are Inspiration.  Awake, intelligent Love is our true nature.  So we need do nothing to know this because it just Is.  It's how we avoid and resist this recognition that we need to look at, and that's what I'd like to take a shot at in this post.

The inspiration that springs from our true nature has it's own agenda.  And this Agenda is to lift us far beyond the limits of any concept we hold of 'me'.  Our thinking mind hates this.  It sees it's very purpose as looking-out for 'me' and so when something comes along that says this 'me' is not true, that we are far more than this, it see it's very existence as threatened.  It's this relinquishment of control of our life to this 'other'  Will that the mind cannot handle, and what makes awakening seem oh so difficult.

The ego's best defence against self-realisation is to co-opt Inspiration for its own purposes.... 'Wow, imagine what would happen to my career, my relationships, my blog, my life.... if I could harness the power and insights from This?'  This is easy meat for pop. psychology publishers and chat show hosts but it's still the same old little me, now tarted up in pretty spiritual and metaphysical colours.  Personal glory usually gets us started on this road, but if we recall those flashes of brilliance in our own life we see that there is no concept of 'me' involved at all.  There is just this Love that comes through us being expressed as Life itself, in whatever way moves us.  And it's in these sublime moments that we recognise that this 'other' will is in fact our own True Will.

To embrace spiritual practice as a way of creating a better life for ourselves is to turn away from Reality, to turn our back on life as it is here and now.  Until we look at our resistance to life exactly as it is we walk in circles that go nowhere, and on top of bondage we add frustration and confusion.  Enlightenment isn't really a change at all but a recognition.  'Me' and 'my' are words born out of our resistance to life as is, to opening our heart to each other just as we are.  This realisation never can be for 'me' because this 'me'  is just our concept of limitation.  Inspiration starts to become the norm in our lives when we stop wanting it for 'me' and recognise  it's purpose - to join, is in fact our own.

As in any living system, what is joined becomes healthy and strong and takes on the intelligence of the whole.  And so it's only in our joining that Truth is known, that the recognition of our power and invulnerability is restored to us.  If the reality of who we are is Love then what other way could the recognition be restored apart from allowing ourselves to feel the connection that exists between us?  Life itself provides all the opportunities we need to do this, to confirm what we already deeply know.

But how do we see beyond form to who we really are, and beyond behaviour to what is really going on?  We have no idea how to do this, but that is OK because it is not to the thinking mind that we turn to know Truth.  We have forgotten how to see beyond appearances but there is something within us that hasn't.

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret;  it's only with the heart that one sees clearly, what is essential is invisible to the eye." ..... Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Underlying everything we do, we walk towards the recognition of our own divine nature.  The rabbi, the pedophile, the teacher and the mercenary each in their own way seek the love, security and power they feel has been lost.  But when we judge and resist another we fail to see this.  Granted, it appears that there are a million other things going on here but this complexity is just our mind games that mask the awareness of the power of our choice:  We experience what we choose to see.  When we you look each other in the in the eye, we meet a false demon or a real angel and in this choice lies heaven or hell, freedom or bondage.

There has been much written about the mirror principle which has become another source of angst or confusion.  It's easy for us to latch on to the notion that when shit happens I somehow attracted it, so best get busy clearing up my crap.  The crap is not true - it is an illusion.  Difficult as it is for our mind to comprehend but we have never strayed from the road to enlightenment.  Whether we choose the path of pain or joy we are constantly learning and coincidentally supporting everyone else in their learning choices.  That is really all that is going on here.  Life - this loving evolutionary process of awakening, flows through us in absolute perfection.  All the rest is just make believe.

Our judgements of each other are our primary means of maintaining our illusion of disconnectedness, and so our choice to welcome the experience of our connection is our way Home.  We already have the means to do this.  When we allow our attention to rest in openness to experiencing what Is, holding no idea of what 'Is' is, we creates a space for reality to shine through into our shared consciousness.

Know this, O man, sole root of sin in thee
Is not know thine own divinity!"
.... James Rhoades

But even this innocent intent to join can be hijacked by the mind that would prefer to be right than happy, to be little rather than lose control.  Gandhi invitation to  ‘be the change you want to see in the world’  is a helpful reminder here.  In our motivation to want to help someone we usually think of what we can say or do to help, but isn't it ‘who we are’ that speaks far louder and more clearly that either our words or deeds?  Allowing this Love that comes from within to recognise itself in another is the thing. 

If we come from a perspective of wanting to fix someone then the message that is heard is that they are broken – and this is why our seeming good intents are so often resisted and rejected.  But if we come from a perspective of seeing beyond the perception of ‘brokenness’ to what is really going on then we both are free.  And just coming with that intent is enough.  Whatever words or action are needed to supplement that message come of their own accord and are heard.  ‘What comes from the heart speaks to the heart’  so to speak.  This is the birthplace of miracles.

How we choose to look at each other not only has a powerful effect on our mental and physiological well-being but is also the key to resolving any conflict or issue.  Choose to look only on the surface, to judge people by their behaviour, and we acknowledge and justify the feelings of frailty and fear within our self.... and remain stuck.  But when we allow ourselves to 'not know', to become defenceless and open to the beauty and innocence that lies beyond what the bodies eyes see, then we heal the cause and gain insight and power to transform any problematic situation into a platform for mutual good.

There is no pain and no problem that we cannot resolve when we come together like this, when I allow myself  to be inspired by You.  You and I  together   is the Answer.

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