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Inspiration in action

If you aren't already reading the 40 day series of posts on 'everyday inspiration' that  Evelyn Rodriguez  is posting, I highly recommend you do so.  It started 6 days ago (the beginning of Lent) with  Forty days of everyday inspiration.

Wonderful stuff, but it's not just Evelyn's words that inspire.  To me, the posts themselves are a living example of the principle of inspiration in action.  This is from today's post  Inspiration, the bottomless well

Mind is a natural resource that never comes to an end. When it no longer believes its thoughts, it has entered the dimension of the unlimited.  It's like a bottomless well:  you can draw from it, and it will always give you the water of life.  Because it is completely open and sees that nothing is true, it is filled with more possibilities than we can ever imagine.

Lao-Tzu  says, "I don't know who gave birth to it." I do.  You give birth to it every time your own mind opens to what is beyond what you think you know.  And when your mind opens, what is beyond knowing,what is older than "God," streams in as a gift. There is no end to that gift." - Bryon Katie   ..(Evelyn's emphasis)

Many wonder how to still the mind, how to realise our full potential, how to become 'enlightened'.  Sure, there are ways to do this (there are ways to do anything) but 'how-tos' tend to follow a long and torturous road.  Here's the shortcut:  When we turn our attention within to that which is  already  enlightened and let that live our lives, then there is really nothing left to do.  By opening ourselves up to what we often think of as something 'far greater than ourselves', we come to know that we are That - we are Inspiration - already!

This is not only an effortless way (the path of least resistance), it's the most enjoyable too.  By handing over control to that part of us that already knows, we hand over our sense of care aswell.  This  is  freedom and ease.  And this choice to step back and allow Inspiration to nourish and carry us transforms everything.  What appears 'outside' can only reflect what comes from within.  It's this Love itself that shines away all our dark illusions of limitation. 

The first flush of true inspiration can leave us breathless and asking ourselves, 'where the hell did that just come from?'  But as we begin to open to it, begin to trust it, it teaches us that this is none other than who we Are.  All the rest was a just a silly game of littleness we played upon ourselves.

Thank you Evelyn.

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  • ..this blog stems from a recognition that our true nature is far more creative, loving and unlimited than we could possibly imagine... and it transforms everything... a practical, generic solution to all our problems.

    These are just my lesson notes as I try to  be true to that recognition... and  learn to fly.  So it's quite possible that everything here may be wrong.

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