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Some people make no sense at all.

As we glance around our world at the start of the third millennium, it can seem at times as though our civilisation is falling apart at the seams. And we can no longer fall back on ignorance as an excuse for not seeing.  Virtually instantaneous dissemination of information means that false propaganda and hidden agendas are soon exposed for what they are.

But how we react to what we seem to see varies.  On the one hand there are those that embrace the 'tragedy of our times' and then either fall into despair, take up the 'good fight' or feign resilience.  On the other (much larger) side, there are the ones that see but then disassociate - the  'yes it's bad but how would worrying help?'  crowd who usually conclude,  'best just get on with life and do the best we can'.

But there's another very small but growing group that perhaps you hadn't noticed.  Most that come across them dismiss them as delusional, because they seem to be unaffected by the torn and tired world the rest of us look upon.  These are the  misfits  - the ones who speak of unreasonable opportunity and good fortune.  They don't proselytise or try to change us in anyway but simply point to another way of seeing, one that looks through the tiny gateway of each present moment onto a reality more beautiful than anything the bodies crude senses could ever perceive.

On the surface they seem just like you and me, but spend a little time with them and you'll notice a difference.  They have an easy smile, a carefree wit that cuts through dogma and pretension, generous eyes that see beyond our belief in littleness to the truth within us, and a warm stillness that speaks to us of a life that's perhaps long forgotten.  But when we return again to the cold light of day, what they talk about seems irrelevant in the context of the world we see with all it's troubles.  They speak a message that to most is far too overoptimistic - they talk of things that perhaps fire a spark of recognition in us, but still make no sense at all.

But think on a moment.  Most things we have yet to learn at first don't make sense.  And how could we possibly solve our problems if we don't move beyond the boundaries of the thinking that created the problems in the first place?  If we are to learn then surely we must embrace the stuff we don't yet know.  We must listen to what moves us but what we don't yet understand.

GangajiAdyashantiEckhart Tolle  and  many others  too... use words that are familiar to us yet point towards a completely different understanding:  That the end of suffering in this world comes from where we are sat right now, nowhere else.  That freedom starts with us and has no price at all - except our willingness to let go of fearful misperceptions.  But it's not their words that heal - it's their Presence that simply bears witness to the truth that it's pointless looking for a better way, because we  are  the way.... we are the process of awakening.

Their names are not important but I think their message is.  These three little videos speak of a different way forward - one of personal responsibility and choice for freedom.  Maybe you could watch them in a coffee break - each one is only a few minutes long.  But be warned.... as I said, they may make no sense at all.

To view the videos from a feed reader you may have to click through, or use the direct links  herehere  and  here.

One message that all true teachers 'teach' is that they really are not teachers at all, that they simply point us to the truth that is already within us.  But it can be very tempting to look at those that appear to be further along the road than us and think they are somehow different or special, or have gifts or faculties that we do not.  This is simply not true.  Freedom is easy[1]  for anyone who really wants it.

[1].. The thought that it is difficult is, I believe, just another illusion of the mind.  It can be the easiest thing in the world.  95% commitment or less is very, very difficult but 100% commitment is ease itself.  Because once there is full commitment there is no conflict any more - the war that rages in our minds between what we think we want and what we really want ends when we recognise they are the same.  Within a mind that is filled with the desire for freedom there simply is no room for another thought that conflicts.  And so there's no need to practice 'stilling the mind' or 'overcoming other desires', because when we desire freedom above everything else that takes care of all the rest.

Freedom, whole and complete, asks only our willingness to be open to the direct experience of What Is - but to do that we must be willing to embrace 'not knowing'.  All delay is simply the ego's insistence that it must be somehow more complicated or difficult than this.

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