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A Christmas wish for You


Somewhere hidden in between the religious Christmas - the one with bible stories, nativities and carols; and the festive Christmas - the one with parties, feasting and the rabid commercialisation... there is another Christmas that we sometimes ride rough-shod over in all the hustle and bustle and planning.

This 'hidden' Christmas is always there.  It's the Christmas that for me represents all that's good about this time of year - the spirit of Christmas.  It's the Christmas I think of when I hear Wizzard's popular Christmas song 'I wish it could be Christmas every day' and it's closing line, 'Why don't you give your love for Christmas?'

It's the Christmas of easy smiles and infectious laughter and letting bygones be bygones.  It's the Christmas of renewal and grace;  and the spirit of what I think Jack Kerouac wrote about in   On the Road,  "Life is Holy, and each moment is precious."

You don't have to be a Christian or in fact, in any way religious to enjoy this Christmas.  It's a universal Christmas that permeates all the others, and one that everyone can feel and understand on a personal level.... and can love and celebrate in their own quiet way.  This Christmas touches something locked away inside us.  It is the renewal of our true nature, the awakening of our spirit, the restoration of our natural goodness, and the rebirth of unconditional love.

My wish is that we remember  this  Christmas and come to never doubt the power of our simple, undivided decision to create each day better than anything that has ever gone before, regardless of 'present circumstances'.  I wish you the best year ever in 2007.

Happy Christmas and a very, very happy New Year

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