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2007... and a success waiting to happen

Last night my lady friend - Karen, had a good old rant at all the New Year hypocrisy.  You know, the false 'positivity', wishing each other 'good luck' and the hugging strangers malarkey.  It got me thinking too. 

Wishing each other good luck has never really done it for me.  It leaves me feeling a little cold and disenfranchised when I hear those words, as if life were some kind of weird lottery game... with 'failure' being the default condition in the absence of 'luck' coming our way.  To me the word 'luck'  implies the absence of cause-effect or worse still, that there is something outside of us that brings stuff into our lives without our consent.... good or bad.

But we are not victims of circumstances, and the only creative agent we ever find is the one we find within us.  We create our own luck.  I think for many the belief in luck is the reason for not going after what we want in the first place.  We do not try because we are scared of failing and when we do try, we rarely commit 100% for fear of failing 100%. 

But we don't even have the right to call ourself a failure if we don't try, and we still don't have the right unless we've stopped trying.   Until then, we're still a success waiting to happen.

But here's the thing - even if we do stop trying there is something in us that will always call us back.  Maybe we almost forgot, but whenever we are in despair there is always the still small voice that, in some form or another that we can recognise, will gently whisper to us, "This need not be.  You are so much more than this... so come try again".

So of this one thing I am absolutely sure:  Your success is inevitable. [1]

On the face of it we do not 'try' because of our fear of failure, but this too is an illusion.  Stare into the jaws of this demon and we find it's our power and brilliance that really scares us.  Strange as it seems, we would much rather see ourselves as victims of a precarious and untrustworthy world than face up to being responsible for creating everything that happens in our lives.  And so we continue to deny the absolute creative power of our mind and seek solace in our self imagine instead - almost like a child seeks comfort in the corner of a blanket or doll, secretly fearing the day it will be gone.

But let's just for one moment take a look at what it is we really give up.  The only sacrifice that freedom asks is that we relinquish the hurtful and disempowering illusion that there is some 'thing', some 'deity' or some 'force' outside ourselves that has the power to bring us joy or sadness, abundance or scarcity, love or fear, health or sickness, safety or insecurity. 

There is a deity, but that deity is Us - not the self we believe in and nurture with our thoughts, but the Presence that observes our thoughts when we step back in our mind and simply watch them come and go.  We are the only creative power in our lives.  We seem to see so much evidence to support our belief in vulnerability and 'outside forces' that it seems an absurd suggestion to make that it could be  'me'  that is responsible for all the stuff  'out there'.  But what we look upon is simply the effects of our illusory thinking.  All thought takes form at some level.  Change our minds and all the 'evidence' changes too, as effects it can do no other.

You see, it's only freedom we absolve ourselves from when we project responsibility away from ourselves.  It's only awareness of Love and our true Creative Power that we resist.

You are a success waiting to happen.  You have no choice in this.  The inevitable can only be delayed.  The choice is only when.

Let's choose to wait no longer.

Happy 2007

Credit:  Cartoon by Andre Jordan at  a beautiful revolution

Notes:  [1] By 'success' I mean success on your terms - whatever success means to you at any particular moment


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