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It's official: Feed readers are good for your health

After somehow creating for myself a 'week from hell' I found a couple of real heart-warmers when I finally got around to scrolling through my Bloglines feed this morning.

First off, this little video courtesy of Feithline at  Dear Leonard  (BTW, if you enjoy prose you can have a feast whilst you're there) brought a big smile to my face. The guy doesn't particularly look my type ;-)) but I definitely would have been up for a hug or two these last few days:

And then at  Management Craft  this lovely poetic muse from Lisa entitled  'If only employees purred'.  Here's a little taster to encourage you to  click over there:


Oh how much easier it would be if employees purred
You'd know when they were happy or content
The continuous vibrations would fuel the workplace
Like windmills or a Columbia River dam
The low smooth sound would attract customers too
There's something about a purr that's soothing
Seductive and attractive in a nurturing way.

Ahhhh, there is a God!


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