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No Regrets - part 2


In the first part of this post, No Regrets, we looked at the principle of  transcendence.  The magic of transcendence is that it wipes the slate of history clean.  In an instant, the past no longer has a negative influence on our lives.  Transcendence lets us escape all of our negative conditioning and fears..... to 'start anew' as it were.  We also looked at how there is nothing we can do to evoke transcendence, but we simply have to learn  how to accept it as a gift.

For many of us it takes a life changing experience to get to this point - to want a 'different' answer.  For some it's a near death experience, for others a mid life crisis or maybe it's after having achieved everything we set out to achieve and still feeling unfulfilled.  Whatever it is that triggers this surrender it's usually something that rocks our world so dramatically that it brings us to our knees and begs the question, 'there must be something more than this?'.

But why do we wait until we're in despair to look for a better way?  There's absolutely no need to wait.  So how do we learn to welcome transcendence, to accept it as a gift?

Well, the short answer is, we learn to accept it by giving it.  We free ourselves from the past by no longer holding other peoples past against them.[1]  I am not talking here about what we normally call 'forgiveness' but something much more justifiable - simply seeing what is really going on. We can look beyond appearances to what is really happening.... look past people's behaviour to the see the motivation that drives it:

We all f**k up in our own ways and we all draw moral lines between which f**k ups are acceptable and which are not.  But when we look to the root motivation behind all behaviour it's possible to see that, with whatever knowledge and capacity we have, we are simply trying to be happy... and this single selfish principle applies to everyone - Genghis Khan, Mother Theresa, you, me, the Pope and Charles Manson. 

Think about it for a moment.  Each of us, to the best of our ability in each moment of time, are doing what we are doing because we want to gain some sense of satisfaction.... to be happy.  There really is no-one, deep down, who doesn't want to love and be loved.  Is that should a bad thing?  We maybe have vastly different ideas and be totally misguided about how to do that, but the base motivation remains the same.  This is equally true for altruistic acts as it is for acts of terrorism. 

Is trying to be happy a cause for condemnation or regret?  When we are willing to look past appearances, it's possible to see that there is only ever one of two things going on - love is being expressed or love is being sought for.

It's in seeing this in others that allows us to 'forgive' ourselves and accept the miracle of transcendence.  This is where Karma's stop loss order gets hit.  And in letting go of the past we take on an incredible new lightness of being because we drop a burden of judgement so heavy we look back and wonder how we ever could have lifted it in the first place.  Our fear of love recedes and we become willing to recognise ourselves as we truly are, no matter how wonderful that may be.

The magical thing is that when we are no longer shackled to the past we look back not in regret but with gratitude.  Unobscured by the veils of judgement, we recognise that every step we have ever taken has helped us to get to this point of profound self-acceptance, has helped us learn where our treasure lies.... what makes us really happy.  Perhaps from this vantage point we also see that the times in our lives of greatest devastation and failure were in fact those times where we made our greatest progress.  Maybe for the first time we see life not as competitive arena or battlefield but as one big school of happiness, where there is no right or wrong, good or bad.... only lessons that we choose.

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so". ...
......William Shakespeare.

Compared to this real, connected world, the world of separate things that the senses behold is flat and lifeless and bereft of meaning and joy..... and simply makes no sense.  Thankfully it isn't true.

The product of this self-acceptance, of transcendence, is a full awareness of our own Presence - our connection to all of life.  And it is this we come to trust. Instead of our past learning and conditioning it is this moment to moment Presence that we come to rely on for nourishment, healing, guidance and the answers to all problems.  This is freedom.

[1] There is a metaphysical explanation for this but it's not easy to get our heads around.  But, just as we use electricity, we don't need to know how it works to be able to use and benefit from it.  I'll look at Presence in a later post but for now suffice to say this principle works because our essence is energetic doesn't know any part of itself as separate from the rest... there is only one Self.  The feeling of Presence we feel in front of someone who is truly open is not  their  Presence but simply universal Presence.... we  feel it because we are a part of it as much as they are.  And so when we choose to release another we are actually doing this to our Self... our one Self.

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