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How can the human race survive the next hundred years?

This is the question that was posted by  Professor Stephen Hawking  (of 'A Brief History of Time' fame)  this Wednesday on Yahoo Answers. As I write this there are 16,000 responses so far.

As human beings we find it incredibly difficult to change ourselves. Despite all the self-help stuff and all our best efforts we seem to evolve in tiny steps instead of bid leaps, and even these tiny steps are often painful. Our fears tend to keep us focused on the status quo, and then fuelled by our attention, this is what we keep seeing replicated in our lives [1].  Yet our attention can be the catalyst for radical change that is unconstrained by time or effort.

I posted recently about the power of  asking ourselves good questions ... how these questions have the power to divert our attention away from the 'littleness' and problems in our lives towards what we really want. When we give our attention to what our heart is leading us to, instead of what our head protests, then that is what gets created in our life. This is the power of asking meaningful questions.

Anyway, back to Steven Hawking's question. Do you think it is a good question?  Are there any unquestioned assumptions in the question that he asks?

For me there's a huge unspoken assumption here that what is happening around us at this time is inherently bad...something we must find a way to 'survive'. Certainly from the perspective of a human body facing the cataclysmic changes in our world at this time, things do look very bleak indeed, - but isn't this a very narrow and false perspective to view life from?  Wouldn't it be extremely arrogant to assume that the human body was the centre of the universe from which everything else should be judged?  Maybe life has it's own agenda. And what if that agenda is completely benevolent....wouldn't it serve us well to discover what it was?

So back to the question again.  By focusing our attention on 'what's wrong' and 'how to escape', there's a tendancy to just add more fuel to the 'what's wrong' fire.  But when we stop judging things good or bad, right and wrong...when we stop resisting.... then we can be more fully aware of what is really going on and let it teach us.  So to me, a far more interesting and generative question would be:

How can we let what is happening in our lives right now help us?
..... how can we become more consciously creative and aware of our connection to all of life, so we end the suffering of the 'human condition'?

But that's just me.

[1] I think that the reason that our power of attention goes largely unrecognised (and yet is at the heart of the principles of quantum physics), is because we fail to see the connection and cause-effect relationship between attention and what is happening around us. We don't recognise our own consciousness as part of the energetic wholeness, the life-force if you like, that animates all things.

I think the reason for this disconnect, this feeling of separation, is that we rarely allow ourselves to become fully aware of the present moment and what is really happening around us. The simply awareness of what 'is' is lost when we trust the body's perception (as if the universe was centered around us).... when we rely on our physical senses instead of innate inner-knowing or intuition as interpreter of reality. Reality has largely become unknown to us as we have grown to avoid present awareness and live in our lives 'in our heads'..... forever remembering past-moments and planning the next, whilst never questioning that these memories are only 'me'-centred perceptions and not reality at all.

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