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The Easter Story


Happy Easter.  It's been a long time since I last blogged and it's good to be back.  I've been away far longer than I planned.   They say if you want to make God laugh then tell Him your plans - it must be true!  Thank you for being so patient.

There are many ways to view the story of Jesus and the historical events around Easter time.   Just my personal view, but I've never been big into the idea that the central message was the 'crucifixion', 'forgiveness of sins' or 'He suffered to save us'.   To 'sin' we must have done something wrong and that just doesn't ring true for me.   I think there are truths that Jesus and others came to understand that we are now learning - but just because we are slow learners doesn't make us guilty.

I think we are like Master Craftsman and in our toolbox we have a wonderful communication tool we call a 'body', that like any other tool, can serve whatever purpose we wish.   Yet it is as if we had fallen asleep and dreamt that 'who we are' is this tool itself.   This dream becomes a nightmare as, within the dream, we use this tool for purposes it was not intended - to attack the things we think can harm it, to grasp for things we think could enhance it, and to protect it from the damage caused by it's misuse.

Now, if someone came along who had woken from this nightmare, would they tell us we were sinners for the things we had dreamt?   If a child was crying out in the night from terrifying thoughts would you scold her?   No you wouldn't - you'd gently try to wake her and show her that was being dreamt about could not be real.

I choose to think of the Easter story as Jesus using his own communication tool, his body, to show us in a way that we might undersand, that who we thought we were could not be true, that what we think of as death is only an illusion and that we are capable of far more than we ever imagine.

I wish you a very happy Easter.

Thanks to Hugh MacLeod at Gapingvoid for the 'blogcard'

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