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An apology, a promise and a piece of good advice

This post is a shameless attempt to buy me a little time before I start posting regularly. Life 2.0 started out as a 'nice thing to do' in my spare time but I've since become drawn to it. I'd really like to have more time to post regularly and join the conversations in other people's blogs. So I'm having a little spring cleaning of my life right now to create more space to be able to post regularly and have some fun with my new found friends in the blogoshere. I know I haven't been posting much of late and it'll probably be another week before I do, but after that I'll hopefully be able to give this and you the time and attention I'd like.
Thank you for being patient.

Looking back over the posts so far I realize that many of them seem a bit esoteric or philosophical. It wasn't planned that way, just the way it happened. Soon I'll be posting on the practical application of these ideas too.

In a previous post I talked about the things in our lives that we find difficult or complex.  To quote myself -

Whenever something seems complex I always think it's a sure sign we don't fully understand the problem yet. Truth is always simple. When we can get to see the bigger picture, the larger context, clarity and simplicity follow, but to do this means first being able to raise our level of consciousness.

Well, what I'd like to do (says he, placing outstretched neck on chopping block) is to revisit how we look at some of these complex things and see if we can find a way to make them much simpler, easier and hopefully fun. Some examples that spring to mind - project management, leadership, organisational design, knowledge management (?!), HR, motivation and how we break habits and addictions, change management, therapy and so on. I'm sure we'll have good fun slaying a few sacred cows along the way, provided the 'common sense' (yeah, right!) police don't get us first. Anything that reeks of complexity, difficulty or joylessness will be fuel for our fire and we won't take hostages!

One of my favourite topics that I'd like to post about is what I call 'Nature's Law'. We'll look at how, in any living system, nature has a way of deriving order out of chaos and complexity. We'll look at how that order, when mapped, has beautiful fractal forms, follows simple mathematical rules, is uncontrollable yet predictable and is ultimately benevolent. We'll also see how this order is pervasive throughout human or natural activity - the population growth of a continent, the performance of a companies stock, the spread of knowledge, the economy of a country, the lifecyle of a species etc. But most importantly we'll look at how, once we understand the principles, we can apply them practically for good in our endeavours and in our lives at large.  You could use this knowledge to make yourself a billionaire trading the markets, or to live a life of serendipitous flow and obscene good luck. You have to choose!  ;-)

[Note to self]:  Quit now while you still can, - starting to sound like one of those ads. for a bigger willie.

Piece of good advice
I know I'm not going to win any blogosphere popularity prizes for saying this, but all the talk of GTD, moleskin whatsits, and the 'strange number of folders' stuff just leaves me cold. Of course I'm all in favour of getting our lives and priorities sorted out, and this whole blog is about how we can release an abundance of flow, creativity and joy into our lives and organisations. The problem I have with it is that, in this drive for efficiency and order we pass up the myriad of blessings that come our way when we allow ourselves to play around a little.

I think when we organise our lives in this way we give a subliminal signal to the universe to 'get out of my way' because 'I know best'.  And then we have the audacity to moan that life can be a struggle, we are stressed, or we have to be disciplined and work hard to get what we want!  We'll be looking at 'Flow' a little later on, but one of the myths that I'll be attempting to destroy is the idea that 'flow' comes from being disciplined and focused.  True Flow is effortless and comes from a willingness to be 'open to recieve' - a quiet, open receptivity to the guidance, the support and gifts that your intuition and the universe long to give you.

When we let our attention rest in this open receptivity our inner knowing knows exactly what to do with every so called 'interuption' or 'chance event', and without reference to the past or future.  It uses all things for the benefit of you and everyone else involved.  In real 'Flow' we recieve instead of plan, give instead of organise, because all of life bends to help us when we get out of our own way and invite it in.  And best of all, there's an incredible ease and quiet confidence that comes from recognising that once we've learned how to step back and allow our divine spark to shine, it's quite literally impossible to fail at anything.

So to me procrastination is a signal, life's way of telling us to go do what we enjoy right now, - a calling card from the Universal Fedex telling us there's a gift that needs delivering, if we'd care to come and collect. I know it's a lot easier said than done - there's the responsibilities, the obligations and the deadlines. It takes balls to follow our heart instead of our head, and do so without guilt or regret, no matter what the consequences. But every time we do, we find the risks are always imaginary. Life delights to make us happy and has an incredible way of rearranging space and time to support us, every time we make this decision.

But less of this talk right now - we'll be covering this in full in a later post. My point is only that this is the decision that I took yesterday. I felt myself losing interest in 'what I was supposed to be doing' and chose to give myself a treat and goof off 'blog surfing' for a while instead. And what a treat was in store for me!

I suppose it's because I'm new to this blogging lark that I'm only just finding some of the really good stuff. So here's the good advice - go feast your eyes on this post and then this post by Jory at Pause. Some really good, practical insight into getting into 'Flow'. She talks about this in the context of writing but, IMHO, you can generalise it to anything. A lot of wisdom and great advice all wrapped up in two short posts. And, my God, she writes so well too!

But just for this once, don't procrastinate. - Do it now!  ;-)

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