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Be grease, not glue.

CogsThese four title words are from a little book called, 'the real meaning of life'.*  Here's the quote again in context -

"Every life you touch will touch you back. Treasure every sunrise, every raindrop that hits your nose, every slobber of your dog, the feeling of sand between your toes.  Be moved by the tears of a child, and try to fix the cause. Be grease, not glue.  Breathe deep, exhale slowly, and never miss a chance to help another while on your journey here."

'Be grease, not glue' - what a great mantra for business and for life!

The problem most of us have with the principles of giving and abundance is that we're so conditioned by our long established linear, logical, reductionist ways of thinking that always insists that if I give to you, then you will have more and I must have less.  Mantras like these can resonate so easily and yet I for one sometimes struggle to put them into practice.

On the same theme, here is an extract from a post entitled  'You get what you give'  from  Bailey Workplay

I made the prime purpose of my business to give, give, give.  To add incredible value to the lives of people that I came into contact with.  I gave everyone who was interested tons of great information on how to grow their business.  I sent them information in the post. I emailed them. I chatted to them on the phone.  Some became clients, some didn't.  It really didn't matter because I knew I was making a difference.  I stopped forever the 'I can grow your business and solve your marketing problems - Why don't you become my client' pitch.  Within a few days people started contacting me asking me to work with them.

What had changed?  Instead of trying to convince people that I could give them the knowledge that could solve their marketing problems - I just started giving them the knowledge anyway and let them decide for themselves.  I switched my focus from what I wanted to what they wanted."

Right on!  But how often and how easily do our good intentions fall short?

We can try to give unconditionally yet there's still a little part of us that gets in the way... that hopes we'll get noticed, that wants to collect brownie points, or that's doing it for the 'good karma'.

The thing is (and I'm sure the  quantum physicians  have an explanation for this) whilst ever we're watching for a result, subliminally keeping the score, it's not really giving and the abundance principle doesn't seem to work - it's not a gift until we can let go all expectation of something in return.  It's weird though, as soon as we let go of all hope of an outcome and start giving purely for the hell of it, just for the simply joy of giving itself, then the whole world seems to have a way of leaning in our direction to support us, synchronicity starts to kick in, and events that previously would seem miraculous become strangely familiar.

So, what to do. How do we overcome this 'mental' resistance?

The thing is not to fight it - accept there's a part of us that resists this stuff and just get over it.  After all, isn't our ego genetically conditioned to 'look after no.1'?  As soon as we can accept that this is the way it is, we are free to move on and we move on by  also  recognising that deep down our real nature gets a real kick out of just giving for the hell of it - for the joy of reckless sharing for its own sake, or at most for the thrill we get from witnessing the amazement of someone being bowled over by a random act of irrational kindness. Our ego never will grasp this.  That's fine, we don't need it to.

The way out of this rat trap is not to try, but to recognise that whatever we give our attention to has a way of expanding in our lives.  So, instead of struggling to let go of our expectation of a return, we can simply look to that part of our selves that already knows this stuff, however neglected or distant this part of us may seem.  Just accept ourselves exactly as we are, relax and  allow  this, our true nature, to have a place of welcome in our lives. Feeding it with a little recognition and appreciation is all it needs to grow and serve us well, even as our ego protests as it withers through lack of attention.

*  The book is a collection of responses to the question, "What is the meaning of life?",  that was posted originally in an Internet forum and then on a website.  After USA Today wrote about the site, there was a deluge of responses, the best of which made it to the book. It's a fun read.  It gives an insight into the amazing range of perspectives there are on 'the meaning of life'.   As well as the deep and meaningful stuff there are quotes that amuse and tickle too, such as - "life is a 100% fatal sexually transmitted disease."

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